B & M Software Group is a software and service provider of first-class business applications for the metaverse professional. We are a technology organization based within virtual worlds.   Since 2006 our hippoVEND and hippoRENT systems have steadily processed virtual world payments.  Transactions flow between our clients and their customers, atop a virtual world platform.  In common brick and mortar terms, we are a modest small business.  B & M Software Group serves as an informal working group to Hippo Technologies.

B & M Software Group believes that good software design is all about the person.  It doesn’t matter how many clever features a business tool has, unless it has been carefully designed, it will be confusing and awkward to use. Ensuring that our software is both powerful and intuitive to use is paramount to everything we do.

B & M Software Group draws upon a staff team with a wide variety of backgrounds and experience. From systems analysis to database systems, from web design to user interface expertise, we have been able to leverage a wide skill-base to ensure that our software is not only carefully programmed, but designed and laid out with an eye for the user experience.

Technical Support for B & M Software Group is provided by hippoSUPPORT